Each testing matrix provides unique benefits in detecting and explaining drug use. At Firmus, we can test a full range of matrices, including oral fluid. Oral fluid drug testing is a simple and effective resource for our clients to gain insight into a patient’s medication habits with a high degree of confidence. Oral fluid testing is another way for you to utilize the right test, at the right time, for the right information..

Purpose of Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing is used in the same vein as urine drug screens. The goal is to verify that patients are taking prescribed medications as directed, refraining from illicit and non-prescribed drugs and complying with the rules of a treatment plan or court order.

It also draws attention to potentially harmful drug interactions and inconsistencies that a healthcare provider can use to fine-tune a patient’s treatment regimen.

 Our laboratories can test for an extensive number of analytes in oral fluid to identify commonly prescribed medications and illicit drugs.

Matrix Advantages

There are several benefits to testing oral fluid in conjunction with other matrices, including these:

 No chance of alteration:
Oral fluid can be collected in a public setting, which eliminates concerns of specimen alteration or substitution.

Specimens can be collected without infringing on patient privacy and without the need for special facilities or personnel.

Better estimated plasma concentration:
Quantitative oral fluid drug analysis provides better estimated plasma concentration of a drug compared to urine.

 Recent drug detection:
With up to a 36-hour detection window, offers a significant advantage in identifying relatively recent drug use.

 Parent drug and metabolite detection:
Oral fluid has the ability to detect parent drugs and metabolites more easily than urine.